April 7, 2020

Ep 01: Sarah Centrella’s Inspiring Story, Welcome to the Show!

Join host Sarah Centrella in the welcome first episode of the show. Sarah shares her personal story of how she turned a life-altering tragedy into the foundation for creating her dream life.

In 2008, when her world imploded, she found herself suddenly a single mom with no income and three small children to support. Listen in as Sarah walks you through that pivotal day, and how she's used her "rock-bottom moment" to not only build a new life for her family but how she teaches people around the world how to create and manifest their dreams as well. 

Sarah Centrella is a 2x #1 best-selling author of the books; Hustle Believe Receive and #FutureBoards. She is the premier manifesting expert, and creator of #FutureBoards, and the #HBRMethod.

As a Master Life Coach, Sarah has worked with professional athletes in the NBA and NFL, celebrities and thousands of people around the world, helping them create and manifest their dream life. Sarah also trains and certifies life coaches in her HBR University.

As a Motivational and Empowerment Speaker, Sarah regularly leads workshops for Fortune 500 companies and shares stages with some of the top speakers in the world. She's been featured by the New York Times, ABC News, OK! Magazine, Cosmo and many others. 

Learn about Sarah's coaching, workshops, speaking, books and more at www.sarahcentrella.com

Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter @sarahcentrella




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