June 9, 2020

Ep 21: Dear White Friends…

My dear white friends, I hope this message (from my heart) speaks to and opens your heart in a new way. Tonight I am sharing stories from my past and introducing you to my inner circle, the black men and women who have influenced, impacted, and changed my life. It starts with educating ourselves and having empathy and trying to see the world through someone else's eyes, even when we don't know what the "right thing to say or do," is. We can still stand up for what is right, we can show love and acceptance, we can lend our voice, and we can BE THE CHANGE. 

An eternal thank you to my amazing crew for your love, loyalty, kindness, generosity, and wisdom. Go follow them yall, learn their stories... let's connect and support each other as loving humans. 

Instagram Handles Inspiring Voices to follow:

Kenjon Barner @iamkenjonbarner

Courtney Webster @cwdecorating

Martell Webster @martellwebster

Kimberly Hatchett @khatch1234

Dianne Valentine @diannevalentine

Todd Washington @twashington757

Josue Louis @josuelou

Sandra Richards @sandralrichards

Leshonda Martin @leshondamartin

Mia Wright @mrsmiawight

Alexandrea Alli @fwstyle

Brittany Ross @britt_ross108

Darnell Nicole @darnellnicole

Sissi God @sissigod

Telli Swift @telliswift

Victor Matthews @victormatthews_

Derrick Malone Jr @poeticsoul_

Lonnell Williams @3lwtv

Tavio Hobson @taviohobson

Jonathan Stewart @jonathanstewar1

Charles Archer @montorioarcher

Dan Felix @fscebillionaire

Kam Austin @kam_austin

Reginald Foreman @reginald_foreman

Daniel Jacobs @danieljacobstko

Anthony Tolliver @atolliver44


We can all make a difference in the fight against racism in America. Here are some resources so you can take ACTION to support equality and justice. 

Rolling Stone Article: List of causes to donate to

The official George Floyd Memorial Fund


American Civil Liberties Union

Remember, if you are an American citizen you have the right, privilege and DUTY to make your voice heard and VOTE. Go to vote.gov to register and make your voice count.

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